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Eldorado Park centre provides intervention programmes to alcohol and substance abuse in the Southern Suburb of Johannesburg. It also provide awareness and prevention programs to the community and surrounding areas at large.


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SANCA Central Rand has been delivering services in Eldorado Park since the early 1980’s. Dr. H. Moosa gave us office space on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings, free of charge. The late Mrs. M. Adolph was social worker while the late Sr. M. Moosa was the nurse. Therapeutic and medical services were rendered for a number of years. After his surgery closed we obtained office space at the police station in extension 5 without medical services. We utilized this office for many years until the premises in Michigan Street, Extension 7, became available from June 2012 through the help of Johannesburg Child Welfare and Clr. Rafferty.

Substance abuse continues to ravage families and communities. The Gauteng province and specifically Eldorado park, is amongst the worst affected in the country. During recent months, Eldorado Park came under the spotlight on numerous occasions due to the escalation in drug usage in this area. To try and combat this scourge, SANCA Central Rand in partnership with the government structures expanded the services we delivered in this community. Social work services and medical treatment is accessible at our Eldorado Park office.

Substance abuse amongst black communities was unmentionable, stereotyped to lack of control on the addicted person or a result of witchcraft. In November 2002, the Department of Social Development (DSD) in partnership with the organisation launched a fully-fledged office for the Alexandra community. Ultimately, offices were secured at the St. Michaels Community Centre in 8th Avenue. The services provided expanded to incorporate medical components, complimentary to the social work services rendered.

The biggest challenge during the office’s early days, were a slow turnover of clientele which had the management questioning the feasibility of availing such services to the black community.

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